Tuesday, October 28, 2014

When Doctors Call In Sick.

When it comes to treating injured people after a plane crash, an earthquake, or a terrorist attack...the doctors and nurses will run to the hospital and help. I know this from experience because I was a first responder to the World Trade Center bombing.  It will be an entirely different response when those who come to work, must place their own and their loved ones lives at risk.

I also read a few moments ago that chief Obola plans to bring all the infected medics from Western Africa, here.  Don't be surprised when the hospitals here can't find anyone to work in them.

Obama has gone postal and he needs to be locked up in an insane asylum. Who will put a straight jacket on him and lock him up?

On a bright note, if Obola keeps this up, Jews and Muslims will soon find common ground. This, I also know from personal experience, because I am a Jew and I work with Muslim doctors.


Rose said...

Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

How can you protect yourself? If not, can you mobilize quickly and move?

Anonymous said...

Vinny, did you see this?