Saturday, November 30, 2013


Why did Obama have Kerry legitimize the Mad Mullah's pursuit of nuclear weapons? It seems so insane. Why push this unworkable obamacare crap through?  Why not rescue his ambassador and other Americans that remained under assault for hours in Benghazi?  There was time and opportunity to attempt a rescue.

I and so many others just don't get his endgame, and this means that we have made some very wrong assumptions about him.  Either Obama is completely nuts, or this motherfucker is a whole lot more evil than I ever imagined.


Rose said...

I'm going with evil.

GW said...

Not evil. His view of reality has been finely honed in the world of the academic left. It is a world that sees itself through the lens of Karl Marx - capitalism and imperialism are purely western ills and evils respectively. There is no grounding in reality. So, at any rate, he is nuts. I think the people that voted for him may be evil however.