Sunday, January 26, 2014

Why Ukraine Matters.

It is another global flash-point between a corrupt establishment and their miserable populace. Will it become another Egypt, where a popular movement was overtaken by the worst group on the scene? In every recent uprising that I can think of, the anti-state movement turned violent against the minority citizens.  I don't know enough details about the makeup of the opposition, but on you-tube I've seen videos of fascist nuts spouting antisemitic hatred - this is typical of the region and why my family left the USSR so many years ago.  My bet is that once the opposition movement obtains more power, more violence will come to the locals and both of the Jews left in Ukraine will become popular scapegoats.

On the other hand, my heart does go out to those miserable wretches railing against their corrupt politicians. I too am tired of being fleeced at every opportunity by thieves in government offices. After all, that was the reason for TEA rallies here, and I am proud to have participated in them.   

As our own economic prospects worsen, and it will get much worse here, similar protests will form. It will not be the Soros fueled useful idiots that called themselves OWS, and it will not be the polite TEA protesters.  We should all be prepared, because only those who are better organized will direct this parade.


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The Baron met with a member of Congress this past week who is a Tea Party advocate. Takes a lot of heat for it.

Any populist movement in America has always been suspect. all the way back. If you read about Jacksonian Democracy - i.e., President Andrew Jackson's era - you'll see how hated he was. The contemporary descriptions of his time in office, the horrid things the yellow journalists said about his wife, etc. - you'll get a real sense of how that has always been the case.

That Ukrainian, Oleg, @ The People's Cube, had an essay a few weeks back on Pajamas Media... the Baron he was an artist back when. He told me that when he came to this country all his relatives oohed and ahhed over the variety of foods in the grocery stores but not Oleg. He went to art supply stores and his soul was moved by the glorious array of paint tubes...paint that was never available to him in Ukraine bec he wasn't a party member.

We're all becoming soviets now, while Russia becomes a rogue state.

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Dymphna, a small technical aside: Oleg is an Ukrainian.
An Armenian who lives in LA, Erevan, Kyiv, Moscow, Phuket, Beijing, etc still remains an Armenian. It's the way genes work.

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oops, a typo.

It should have read: Oleg is NOT an Ukrainian.