Thursday, November 14, 2013

Obamacare signup numbers fraud.

There are many numbers being thrown around about how many people are signing up through these healthcare exchanges, about how many people are expected to sign up, and about what it means for those planning on managing a large portion of this country's economy.

Lets look at the 106,000 number figure. To one group it appears hopeful, to another it is a miserable failure. Before one can come to a reasonable conclusion about this number, one has to know more details surrounding this number. The main goal of Obamacare is to charge one group of people for services provided to another group. If 106,000 people are young and healthy and financially well off who wish to contribute their income to help pay for the poor and sick, this number would be a sign of relief for those promoting Obamacare as a great achievement. If, on the other hand most of the new sign ups are sick and poor and they represent an ever increasing financial burden on the new healthcare economy, then the Obamacare management team were better off with 6 new sign-ups.

Details, always look into the details to see the hidden devil. 

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