Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Police State - USA.

As I drive along the freeways, I see a near endless line of police cars flashing their lights by pulled over vehicles. It's an all out assault on commuters trying, trying to get to and from work. With so many cops on the road, no one is speeding and yet they are still pulling people over to issue traffic tickets. One person I spoke with got pulled over because the cop thought he saw her not wearing a seat belt. A false ticket was issued without any proof.

A long time ago, when Koch was mayor of NYC and gangs ruled parts of this city, I went to watch New Years Eve at Times Square. The most memorable part of that night was the walk back to the subway station. There were groups of thugs and thieves on both sides of the street grabbing people and robbing them. I was running with a small herd of people down the middle of the street trying to get through to the subway. As they would grab one of us and busy themselves, the rest would use that opportunity to run past the gang to safety. Now driving along a freeway in Long Island, it feels just like trying to make it past gangs lined up on that street long ago. The criminals now have taxpayer sponsored uniforms, cars, and guns. The criminals have transformed from petty thugs that rob pedestrians on a dark street, to highwaymen.  For that manner, the politicians in state capitols and DC, act no different with their now almost daily new tax schemes announcements.

When Boston was shut down, the cops busied themselves pulling ordinary people from their homes at gunpoint in a show of force. The terrorist was outside their search perimeter and bleeding to death inside someone's boat. They wouldn't have found this terrorist if it hadn't been for one regular Bostonian that left his house to go outside, during curfew, and it was he that spotted something strange about his boat.  If he had followed orders issued by the cops, the terrorist would have either bled to death in his boat or he would have avoided capture. These cops are only good for issuing traffic tickets and brutalizing unarmed and passive people.

Where does one go to reach a zone of relative safety?

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