Monday, April 1, 2013


The people of Cyprus have been told that they cannot leave the country with more than 1,000 euros.  These days, it's not very much money. There are many reasons to want to leave Cyprus and specifically the Cyprus banks, and there are enterprising government officials who wish to facilitate these desperate individuals for a fee - 20 percent to be exact.

So what is one to do? One needs a vehicle of value that they can take with them and this vehicle has to be small enough to carry.  

Answer: precious metals and jewels.  They can wear their wealth and leave the island.

Additional problem: lots of people competing with one another to buy something that is very limited.

These limited commodities will become very expensive, very soon.


1. Will this inflation stay in Cyprus?
2. Do you still believe that Cyprus banks are unique in their mismanagement?
3. Can someone be free if they can't own any property?

When you answer question 3, it becomes clear that any self professing socialist advocates for slavery.

The price for freedom in this world, will soon inflate.

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