Wednesday, October 5, 2016


The fight between Russians and Obamites over Syria is heating up. What is next?

- I refuse to call Obama's gang Americans as their presence in DC is illegal and their claim to represent USA is false.

Anyway, why are American forces being used to degrade Assad in Syria. While I am no fan of Assad, I must ask the question of what will come to Syria if Assad is ousted? Libya anyone. For that matter, which country that Obama meddled in has ever fared better and was afterwards beneficial to its neighbors? Not one.

Obama and his henchmen support jihadists in Syria, and are hellbent on undermining long established nations throughout our world. This should bother even a group as dense as the UN.  Maybe the crooks and thieves sitting in UN, think they will keep their cushy places once their respected countries disappear?  My guess is that they dream of global governance.

All of these adventures will end very badly, as world domination dreams always do. Badness ahead.

I am also no fan of Putin or his dreams of Russian expansion. However, if the choice is between nation states and globalism, I support national sovereignty. As Americans, we need to strengthen ourselves and our allies rather than destroy our neighbors.   


Anonymous said...

It is not as simple a choice as you think.
Putin is shooting all sides; his goal is de-stabilisation of the region. Also - drawing attention away from Iran and its more and more immediate threat to Israel.

It's like US election: both actors suck.

Ex-Dissident said...

I agree with your last line, but I see one man strengthening his country and the other destabilizing ours. Perhaps both are destabilizing ours.

Anonymous said...

Putin is not strengthener his country. He is desperately trying to deflect attention from total collapse that awaits Russia. He is a gang-leader, dictator modeled on African chieftains: stealing from the country till on unbelievable scale and transferring his ill-gotten wealth abroad. He does not follow, nor he has an economic policy; he can care less about theft of country's resources or population's fall into poverty.
I can't believe that someone like you who actively informs himself about many topics, including world events - and having a chance to observe Putin for more than 15yrs of his rule - hasn't got a clue.