Saturday, February 27, 2016

What pundits are afraid to say about Trump supporters.

In my recent travels, I have started talking to strangers about politics. Sometimes at a bar waiting for my food to arrive and other places where I meet with people that I normally wouldn't have associations with. That is because throughout my life, I have mainly interacted with people who, like me, have achieved advanced degrees and high professional status. However, this is not what the majority of American population is like. Middle America is like the people you see on Jerry Springer. Perhaps that show is no longer around as it also got too intellectual. Idiocracy is the best way to describe the Obama ascension and it perfectly describes the rise of Trump. Much of our country is dumb, and this is why Carson - with all his intelligence and thoughtfulness is polling at under 10 percent. Democrats are idiots and so are Republicans. 

We have a large crowd that cannot think for themselves and they will be used by whoever figures out how to cattle herd them. If you ever watched the show Walking Dead, think of how the characters send mobs of zombies ahead of them to hurt their living enemies. If you haven't seen the show, it describes how small groups of humans survive after society and our current social supports collapse. There are countless mindless zombies that will try to eat anyone alive they get near. People have broken up into small tribes and wind up fighting one another. Some groups are more moral than others. The easiest way to fight your competitors, is to divert a group of zombies at them and after they are weakened, move in for the kill. 

The truth is, a large group of American voters are like the mindless zombies and no intelligent argument in favor of one candidate or another will move them.  For some reason, we are afraid to call them idiots. Don't want to offend them, I guess. No need to worry about that - they aren't reading these articles. 

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