Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Small victory.

On the blogs that I read, many are expressing relief and some glimmer of joy today. Despite poll predictions, Cruz won in Iowa. I also experienced some satisfaction after seeing the results. That is because I would not mind voting for Cruz in a general election, and there are others I wouldn't mind voting for such as Carson. However, I would find it very difficult to vote for Trump.

Furthermore, I think McCain was pushed on us because he was essentially unelectable, and I also feel that there is a push from democrat-socialists to select Trump for the Republican ticket. A lot of money is being used to throw the election in that direction, and Trump is a lot weaker than the image of success that is being presented.  In the coming weeks, attacks on Trump will dissipate and attacks on electable Republicans will escalate. 

Overall, I think that Carson would the most difficult man for Democrats to defeat. I would like to see a Cruz/Carson ticket emerge. Rubio I have trust issues with. I think he is a big government man and I think he will act just like Paul Ryan and aid Democrats in their destruction of this country. Trump will sell out to our enemies. In all likelihood, he will also put us into bankruptcy just as he has done numerous times in his business ventures. But I think all of this is beside the point, because the only reason for him to win the Republican ticket is so that he will lose in the general election. 

So while I hate the fact that he is being pushed on us, and I have no trust in what he says, there is one reason that could make me vote for him. I think this is the same reason others are voting for him now. Revenge. I want to see revenge enacted on Obama, Clintons, and all the others who are destroying our country. If Trump promised to put Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Reid,.. in jail, I would vote for him. I don't care if this is the type of actions that define other banana republics. I want revenge. I hope whoever is selected figures this out and capitalizes on it.  

I truly believe that revenge is what the majority of our country wants; among the republicans, independents, and democrats.  The democrats want revenge against the imaginary "1 percents", the privileged whites,.. and everyone else they were fed to believe are their enemies. This is why Sanders might win the primaries. However Hillary is starting to screech louder and she might still get the nomination.  The conservatives want revenge against the sellout pols who destroyed our economy, ruined our health care, and shamed our armed forces.  This is the only reason so many are voting for Trump.  If he actually wants to win the presidency, he could on this one issue. 

There is just so much anger in the country. One rancher in Oregon is dead already. If some statists died too, it would be good. War is here. 

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