Monday, September 9, 2013

Revisiting Orwell and why it feels like 1936.

Daniel Greenfield has an excellent post today on our current plan to war with Syria.  His post compares an old essay by Orwell titled "Shooting an Elephant" and Obama's approach to Syria. Personally, I believe he is too kind to Obama in this post, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if Obama suddenly declared himself to be a full member of the Muslim Brotherhood, but the comparison to Orwell's essay is brilliant.  Do yourself a favor and read both.

Foolish Western foreign policy was documented by Orwell in that insightful essay over 80 years ago, during Fall of 1936. Less than 5 years later, World War 2 began. It sure feels like we're now on the threshold of another world war.


Anonymous said...

Did you see this?

"Then there was the story, which we've all seen by now of Obama's brother, Malik Obama who is the "bagman" for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Of course, we also know that Malik's fund-raising organization was granted non-profit status retroactively to cover his illegal ass by none other than Lois "I didn't do anything wrong so I'll take the Fifth" Lerner, the IRS official accused of holding up the non-profit status of Tea Party applicants for years."

Rose said...

The good news is EVERYONE can see it now. He's gone so far up the tree his ass is exposed for good and all. It's dangerous for the world, but better that it's exposed - now there's really HOPE.