Tuesday, September 17, 2013

False Claims about Navy Yard Shooter.

Information is starting to trickle in about this latest mass murderer. Yesterday I've read multiple claims, including claims by his parents, about him having PTSD after working at Ground Zero during the days after 9/11/2001. That claim is false.  I know this because I took part in the initial search and rescue effort.

Here is the timeline that can and should have been verified by any reporter working for a major firm. Immediately after the planes hit, lower Manhattan was cleared of the residents and the area was off limits to people who had no clear reason to be there. Armed men and women patrolled then streets and you needed to be associated with either NYPD, Fire Department, or part of the medical team to get in. Some contractors did come into the area, to be part of the cleanup crew working at Ground Zero, but that didn't happen until Bush visited the area on 9/14/11.

The claim about participation days after the attack is what convinced me this this was a lie.  During the initial several days, it was too hot for firefighters to approach the area. They had to stay back several blocks.  The emergency triage area, was moved back nearly 5 blocks from "the pile" during the first several days.  Is it possible he was somehow able to sneak in? Yes, but very doubtful. In 2001, I worked at a hospital in lower Manhattan and had to show my badge to numerous cops, and go through multiple check points to get to the area.

Since 9/11, I've met many many people who claim to have health issues related to WTC attack and a large majority of those claims are made by people who have problems and they found it useful to tag their problems on that event because most people will sympathize with them. Most of these claims are false.

I suspect this man has a long history of anger issues and impulse control problems, and sometime along the way he started claiming that his psychiatric problems are related to 9/11. This was a convenient thing to do and it no doubt helped him out of problematic situations due to the sympathy such claim generates.

It is puzzling why his father would put out this false narrative at this time.  Sometime over the next several weeks, this story will be shown to be false and then people will ask his father why he lied.  Eventually we will find out about all the times he should have been institutionalized and how many folks gave him a pass. This was a long road paved by irresponsible helpers.

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Third News said...

There is another possibility; his father believed the false narrative/lie

BTW, your story is what makes blogging authentic news