Thursday, November 29, 2012


Maybe it was the 2 pints of beer that I drank this evening, that made a recent post by Ed Rasimus seem so very logical. On the other hand, our first president, George Washington, certainly understood the value of alcohol during war.  It removes fear from your mind, and under the right set of circumstances, your thoughts actually become clearer.

We are at war. That is a fact. The recently lost election doesn't mean that the war has been lost. If the winners of this recent election mean to enslave you and yours, then quite a few people will find their will and the means to continue fighting back.

So, lots of pundits recently called the talk of secession and these petitions to the White House, crazy talk. They imagine the people who sign these petitions as some ill bred mutants with IQ's in single digits, while others say that signing your name onto this petition is just asking for federal trouble. They  all want this nonsense to be quickly dismissed and forgotten, so that we can move onto more civilized topics.

Well, I don't think that this talk of secession is nonsense and I can think of a number of recent socialist utopia states that broke apart. The biggest and the most important was the Soviet Union.  In its end, secession was quite sane and a very effective means to end a very bad relationship with the central government.

Also, lets consider what really destroyed that evil empire: it was a weak economy.  What do we have in the country formerly know as the "Land of Free and the Home of the Brave"?  We have a very weak economy and considering our current heading, it will only become weaker. Sure the federal government may, in desperate times, become more ruthless and appear more threatening but, it's real strength will only spiral down as its economic health deteriorates.  The European Union will also dissolve, and for the same core reasons.

 People can poo-poo these secession petitions all they want, but eventual dissolution of our United States is the road we're on. I don't really see many alternate paths at this point.


Anonymous said...

and where do you propose we go?

Ex-Dissident said...

I don't know. But a breakup of this union is very possible.