Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Progressive Dictators.

Three countries, important to our world, have seen a recent change in their governance.  In each case, the change has been for the worse.

First there was Turkey; it used to be a democratic outpost in the near east.  Now it is governed by Muslim fundamentalists and in many ways, Erdogan is Turkey's new dictator. The old military guard in Turkey, that vowed to protect its democracy, was quickly dispatched with.

Then came Egypt. Egypt did have a dictator, and if you're  a Muslim fanatical murderer, you might like the new Egypt. However, anyone else is far worse off. Egyptian military that was praised as a force of reason in the area, is gone. Morsi got rid of them faster than anyone thought possible.

Now, we come to the good old USA. Obama orchestrated a stinking farce of an election, and is now getting rid of this nation's military leadership. I am certain that their replacements won't take any oath to protect the constitution, seriously. They will be his men. Obama rules by executive edict and the media has become nothing more than a propaganda arm for the federal government. He is our dictator and may yet prove to be the most blood thirsty of these three. At least Erdogan and Morsi like their national majorities. Obama hates the majority of the population in this country.

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