Saturday, October 27, 2012

National Disgrace

So Powell, how is that endorsement of Obama working out? This is the guy who let a couple of soldiers sit in harms way for hours, laser targeting a mortar that was firing at them, and he wouldn't even send a drone to take it out. It appears that the lives of American soldiers have become nearly worthless under your endorsed candidate. You Colin Powell is a disgrace to the uniform that you once wore.  All the honors bestowed on you were inappropriately given and should be removed from your possession. As far as your name is concerned, it is dirt. Why did you endorse Obama? Because of petty racist ties. So go and suck the zits out of Farrakhan's butt, because you are both the same type of trash.

It still surprises me that not one word about is mentioned about Benghazi on popular news sites like the Google news summary.  These stories are being scrapped off the main page by partisan hacks.  They are embarrassed of their president.  Everyone associated with Obama is a disgrace.

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