Saturday, October 20, 2012


How else do you describe a man who tries to blame others for his failures. At the beginning of this week, Obama tried to have Hillary take the blame for Benghazi. Hillary sort of took responsibility, but at the end of this week, it still wasn't clear exactly what she called herself responsible for.

It's like 2 adolescents getting caught after making a mess. When asked who is responsible, Obama quickly pointed to Hillary and she frantically tried to wave her finger in some other direction.

Later on in the week, at the town-hall debate, Obama shamelessly lied about his behavior after 9/11/2012.  While many saw him as a lying coward, the left were ecstatic about his performance at that debate. They see Obama as their own reflection.  That's half of the country - lying and sniveling cowards.

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GW said...

"Taking responsibility" without consequences is not taking responsibility. If Clinton had accompanied her claim of responsibility with a letter of resignation (or had immediately committed sepuku to restore her honor) that would have been "taking responsibility. Anything less was a political charade.