Monday, March 26, 2012

SC Debates the Affordable Scare Shaft

The debate is not between conservative and liberal justices, it is between those with integrity and those without. "It's a penalty" and not really a tax.....come on......these jokers should all be facing perjury charges for that line.

Evil racists, each and every one of them: from Obama to the lowest clerk involved in this monstrosity of an administration. Each of them should be charged with a hate crime. If the SCOTUS approves this festering abscess on a donkey's ass, then to hell with them too.

Maybe Congress should pass a few more penalties that can be justified same as this crap. How about a "penalty" applied to everyone who doesn't contribute to the NRA for starters. After all, the second amendment is there for a reason. How about another penalty if you don't buy and eat broccoli? Another penalty if you don't have a membership at COSTCO; just as rational as the ASS (affordable scare shaft) being debated now. The way health insurance works, it's not really an insurance policy anyway; it is more of a buy in bulk payment plan which works very much like a COSTCO membership. Should we all be mandated to purchase state lottery tickets? Oh here is a good plan: since so many gamblers lose more than they can afford, each american (small a for the simple reason that if SC doesn't oppose this shafting of Americans, then there is no more America) should now be mandated to pay for gambling insurance: it's a payment plan that has you pay only the deductible for losses over $1,000; provided you pay a monthly $500.


Joan of Argghh! said...

They have to give their constituents something to grasp onto when at the cocktail circuit parties this spring. Tax or penalty. Like it's gonna matter?

Anonymous said...

Typical lawyers' mind, all of them. As if the most important thing in the whole kerfuffle is how to call it so then you can apply some weirdly worded convoluted law article.

Nobody looks in the spirit of Justice anymore, only at the letter.