Monday, March 12, 2012

Effete Snobs Talking About Politics.

I had a very strange weekend. It started out watching someone driving like a lunatic and cornering so fast that the tires squealed around a nearby mother and her toddler. It turned out this was my parking garage neighbor and he nearly hit a stroller as he sped into the parking spot. As soon as he was stationary, I hurled several choice words in his direction and he jumped out of the car and pressed his huge belly against me, simultaneously screaming all sorts of insults in my direction. Before either of us had a clear headed thought, I was thrown against my car and covered with coffee my garage neighbor previously held in his hand. Instinct took over, and soon he was laying on the ground with me sitting on top of him.

It was so strange, how in an instant, he had turned from angry and menacing to docile and pitiful. I got off, asked him if he was ready to stop, and he agreed to stopping and ran off. I had not fought anyone since I was a teenager, and afterwards I felt great. Since then, I want to fight him again and next time I want him to beg me to stop. In fact, I want to do this every week.

My losses:
1. Had to wash my jacket.
2. I sustained a few minor scratches on my hand.
3. Felt like a fool for getting involved with a nut.
4. Minor dent on side of my car. It's amazing how easy it is to dent a modern car, and fortunately they are just as easy to fix. I simply pushed back the plastic cover that sits just above the wheel and easily pushed the dent out.

My gains:

1. Euphoria. Even for a short while, it is a powerful feeling.
2. Regained sense of physical worth.
3. An important lesson that I needed to relearn involving fighting tactics.
4. Renewed resolve to get into good shape.
5. A clear head, likely also temporary but just as powerful as euphoria.

After I got home and cleaned myself up, I browsed various blogs and took another look at the faces of these blogging heads. Some, I listened to on talk radio today. Most appear as if they have never been in a fight. Empty posturing from the Right, empty posturing from the Left, and endless yakety yak. Lets examine the line up of our Republican presidential candidates. The only who had any fight left in her was Bachmann and she is gone now. Every man left on the podium is hopelessly docile and each sounds like some effete snob.

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