Friday, July 3, 2009

Road Warrior!

This weekend I am travelling and will attempt some writing while on the road. Today, I witnessed the gathering of a very strange subculture. They call themselves "Furries" and essentially try to attract attention by wearing a furry tail and whiskers. It is sort of like Halloween except they are all dressed in the same outfit. I believe that the same mindset that once led people to mimic the Goth look, now drives these horny teenagers to pretend that they are furry animals; cats and dogs appear to be their favorites. Their goal is the same as the goal of every other teenager - to relieve their sexual frustration.

I do feel sad for the male "Furries" since from what I've seen: among the packs roaming through Pittsburgh, the males outnumber the females 10:1. No matter how frustrated they were earlier, walking around with a cat's tail will not help them get laid with these odds. If they really want to score, they could take the more realistic approach of wearing nice clothes, keeping proper hygiene, and going to the gym. It may involve more work than attaching a furry tail to one's ass, but at least it has a realistic chance of being successful. That's always the difference between reality and delusion: reality requires some work but yields results, while delusions seem easier but in the end you can only pretend to be a success.

Well, teenagers are known for their temporary insanity. Much more troubling are countless adults in our country who also waste their time playing delusional pretend games. Just look at the bills passing though our Congress and Senate. When listening to our pretender-in-chief, consider the disastrous consequences that his insanity will have on our economy, national security, and your health care.

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