Tuesday, June 30, 2009

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Horton is a Republican.


John said...

My Republican Congressman says Cap and Trade will be good for America.

And, he caught the Green River Killer.

Did you catch the Green River Killer?

No, no you didn’t.

You can hear his interview here.


Dave Reichert SPEAKS: says Cap and Trade will be good for America

He argued that the expense would not be what the Heartland Institute, Heritage Foundation, and Wall Street Journal were predicting. He argued that it would cost around $.48 per day and that we would have better national security, more nuclear, coal and refining capabilities, and a cleaner environment with the bill. He argued that the conservative arguments against were mistaken, and that Washington specifically would be better off even though the bill was imperfect.

And, he caught the Green River Killer.

Yeah, it took him a couple of decades, but better late than never.

I hear Fox was thinking about making the Series 24 about Reichert. But instead of showing 24 hours in a day they would have to make each episode a year.

Ex-Dissident said...


Reichert's ability to lead the murder investigation team, is not a support of his economic knowledge. If anything, it is proof of his political campaigning ability for being elected. If you wish to chose him as your expert witness on economic policy and energy science, what are his other credentials to support such claim? You didn't make an argument over why cap and tax is good policy, instead you appealed to the cult of personality and determined who's words should matter over other's words.

I was considering saying that Reichert also demonstrated his ability for political survivorship since as sheriff. He managed to stay in office for decades besides not being able to solve this crime spree. However, this latest move casts doubt on his being an expert survivor in politics. Maybe he knows his voter base more than he knows about energy policy. But I am certain that his Republican supporters are upset and will actively campaign to get him thrown out of office.

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