Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party NYC

I arrived early and looked around for familiar faces. I saw several members of the Brooklyn Republicans passing out pamphlets. I took one, but felt that their activity was intrusive as this was not a Republican event. There were many excellent posters and flags, including the Gadsdens. I saw working people who appeared as if they had just came out of the office, teenagers, older Americans, and there were families with small children. People were polite to one another, and at the same time fired-up. I was hoping to meet some fellow bloggers, but the crowd was so huge that it would likely have been impossible to spot a familiar face. I tried to do a rough estimate and I am certain that there were over 5k people there; it was likely around 10k. Shortly after 7PM, the speakers introduced themselves to the crowd and the roar from around City Hall park became deafening. With one voice we shouted "We are America", "U.S.A.", and we were heard! I don't care if the MSM reports this event or not, we were heard! There is just no way to suppress this kind a gathering. Chuck Schumer, deservedly, received several chants such as "Schumer Must Go" and "Chuck is a Schmuck!"

One attendee that I wish to describe in detail was a kind faced woman who was probably somebody's grandmother standing next to me. I asked her if she did any writing, hoping to hear that she also writes a blog, but she said no. She does read from such sources and we briefly spoke of Charles Johnson's turncoat behaviour. She stood there holding up her sign until her strength faded and she asked people to allow her to sit down. After a brief rest, she again stood up and held up her sign, and this pattern repeated throughout the evening. On her sign she addressed her disgust at the DHS attempt to criminalize those of us who honor our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Shame on you Napolitano, if this is who you consider a threat to the United States of America. A kind grandmother, who has difficulty walking and yet she forced herself to attend a rally to defend the Constitution and the rule of law in this land is a domestic terrorist suspect? A right wing extremist?

There were more than 700 such rallies April 15th, drawing a crowd likely totalling more than a million of concerned American citizens. As I looked around at the people present, I couldn't help but notice the similarities to another such crowd I encountered at this same location. On September 14-16th, 2001 I worked at a triage centre located near the pile of what was once the World Trade Centre. Good people came together to sift through this pile of rubble with the hope of finding survivors. Those patriotic Americans who couldn't get into the area also tried to help in any way they could. They lined up at blood banks, donated food and clothing, prepared meals and freely gave them to the volunteers walking towards the pile. Inside, there were fire-fighters, policemen and policewomen, doctors, nurses, and contractors all working together. All working to help their country at its hour of need. This crowd were no different. They came together to help their country. No babbling, infanticide promoting, imposter who bows down to foreign kings will change the spirit of these heroic citizens. No phoney news agencies will keep our voices from being heard. We will rescue our country and secure this nation for our children.

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I am touched sir in your recollection of 9-11 and the similiarity to the NYC tea party. Thank you for giving us such a great allusion to the two events.