Sunday, April 19, 2009

Interesting reports from over there, across the pond.

As posted on Gates of Vienna, there was a recent "illegal" demonstration in Luton. This appears to have taken place on April 13th; that is two days prior to the TEA demonstrations over here. Over there, violence erupted while over here things remained peaceful. The question in my mind is - why?

Were there major differences among the demonstrating crowds? From the watching the video, I would say no. Those people over there, have very similar concerns to their counterparts here. They worry about a government that does not protect its constituents. They are upset over an attempt to deny a people its cultural identity. And, they were demonstrating over their rights as citizens. From my perspective, the major difference accounting for the violence was the refusal of the city government to allow these people to assemble.

What would happen...what will happen here when the right to assemble is denied to us? What will happen when our our verbal protest is no longer an option? I say, we are just one short step from a violent protest in this country.

Do I want this? Absolutely not. Violent protests will turn this great nation into another 3rd world spectacle. Our economy will collapse, and the nasty pack of jackals that surround us will move in.

These are the same bunch that Obama has been paying homage to on his recent trips: Saudis, Iranians, North Koreans, Castro, and Chavez. Opposite to these outside hyenas, we have our own crazies: the neo-nazis, black supremacists, and eco-terrorists. Lets us also not forget that both the British and the Americans need to contend with Muslim fascists trying to incite violence among us.

As I posted in comments on other sites, we need some sane leadership both in our government and in the TEA movement. We need it immediately.

The MSM attempt to delegitimize these rallies will only add fuel. I am afraid that might be the desired result for some of these "reporters". Other talking heads on the network channels are just plain stupid.

In the next weeks and months, we need to take some clear headed steps in the right direction. We need to become organized, and we need to obtain some real results from our government. Some evidence demonstrating that our voice has not been uttered in vain. We need a policy that makes sense and that stabilizes our economy. We need to believe that our children's future is safe.

If our political class really believes that these rallies are anything less than a chance being given to our legislators, they might be in for one hell of a surprise. That is because the people across the pond, just like the people over here see their government as working for them, rather than presiding over them. And we are very close to firing the whole sorry lot.

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I Ain't Got No Blog said...

You are right, we are todays extremists, if you go by the crap set forth by the leftist morons.. ..If you look at the way Obama beams at those America haters you would see that ..Rush is right..Obama believes he will make our "evil country" into a socialist utopia that these demagogues will admire. Obama, Ortega, Rev Wright, Chavez, Castro and Louis Farrakhan are all cut from the same hate America cloth..