Friday, June 16, 2017


For years now, I have been very careful to avoid any discussion of politics at work. That is because I am surrounded by people who call themselves liberals and I realize how easy it is for them to descend into violence. I do not want my car vandalized or worse. Some of them seem very reasonable when we talk over work related issues, however people can compartmentalize  their lives with sane thoughts and actions in one area and be completely insane in others. A friend once accurately stated that you have to be pretty screwed up to vote for Hillary. Therefore, I know they are very capable of severely unhinged behavior, and it is best to try and stay away from such craziness.

I know that I am not the only one to use such tactic in hope of staying out of harm's way and yet, the call for violence has been turned way up. Calls for assassination of Trump and Americans who support him are now accepted as a new normal for the Left. Antifa attacking people on Campuses, celebrities showing off their fantasies of murdering conservatives, and so on. This is far worse than it was during Reagan and Bush years. They are really trying to start a war. They want us dead. The shooting of Republican congressmen should have been a moment of reflection for the Left and perhaps a call to tone down their incitement to violence. It wasn't. Instead, the talking heads in the MSM excused it. Only one trajectory afterwards - more violence. Keeping my mouth closed might spare me temporary ire of co-workers but I am not difficult to read. They have their suspicions about me and if given a chance, some would love to stick a knife into me to right all their perceived wrongs.

Where do we go from here? If Republicans call for compassion and forgiveness of those who call for their deaths, it will invite further and more horrific acts of violence. If they start arresting traitors like Muller, Comey, BLM scum and such, incitement for national riots will shortly follow. It remains unclear how many will heed such a call and whether it will be too many to put in jail. In Russia such insurrection was recently quickly put down.

While we engage in this idiotic self destruction, the threat from arriving Muslims grows and grows. No matter what, our lives will become more violent.


Anonymous said...

Back in 2008 I had similar thoughts

Vinny said...

It's strange how whenever I write something down, I see the same thoughts expressed in others' posts.

Makes one wonder if we are all being programmed; I guess we do live in a chorus.

Anonymous said...

Or, you can look at it this way: some people have fine-tuned receptors to a change in environment. Probably bred evolutionary, as subcincious danger alert.