Wednesday, November 9, 2016

President Trump.

It's over. Pennsylvania is reporting 99%, with Trump 59,000 votes ahead. Each percentage point represents 58,000 votes.
He will also very likely take Michigan, Arizona, Alaska, and overall pick up more than 300 electoral votes.

As I said a short time ago, a lot of work lies ahead.
While I sincerely hope to see Hillary and Bill in jail, along with the rest of their rotten group - Lynch and Comey should fit right in, Obama is still dangerous and likely looking to create more damage on his way out. Need to prevent this damage. Jail later.

Good night.


Anonymous said...

Who would've thought! not Demz, for sure

Ex-Dissident said...

NYT knew of it by 9:30 PM. Their prediction turned out very accurate with Trump winning 305 electoral votes. I think they knew how this would turn out a while ago, but various actors at that media organization as well as Fox, among others, tried to give Hillary every break. By evening, someone gave the green signal to reporting truthfully. I hope this holds up but there are a lot of crooks to catch and jail out there. Paul Ryan among them.
I remain a supporter of Cruz and he behaved admirably. He came out in support of Trump when it looked like Trump would lose, while Ryan stabbed Trump in the back when it appeared that Hillary was about to crash.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't believe 100% to any politician, be they donkey or elephant.
I don't believe rump even more so.
He is not even a RINO - he is a centrist Dem, like his buddy Bill Clinton. His win is not Republican (let along libertarian) victory, it's a coup within Democratic party, an attempt to turn back from skewed Left course.

From my pov, Republicans - all Reps who adhere to Republican principles - were and are right not to trust Mr.T.

Still, I applaud his victory - he was useful in getting rid of Hillary. Now we have to watch vary carefully for resurrection of Mussolini &&&.