Friday, June 19, 2015

Concert in the park.

I was at a concert tonight in Prospect Park enjoying a free performance by NY Philharmonic.  Right before the performance started, the announcer requested a 10 second moment of silence, and I asked one of my liberal friends why. She looked at me with a "gotcha" smile and said it is because of the church shooting. I replied: oh you mean that liberal democrat who shot up a church. She said, no it was some white supremacist. Again I said, sure it was a liberal democrat or some other nazi socialist. She looked at me like I was speaking crazy talk, and I just continued. Can you imagine a conservative church going man shooting up a church?  I didn't just say it for her benefit, but made sure it was loud enough for all the psychotic liberals around to hear me. Who knows, maybe one of them will have a moment of clear reflection and feel a glimmer reality shining on him.

When all is said and done, I am certain they will find another deranged liberal there, and the news covering this story will die down.

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