Wednesday, November 12, 2014

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I found this information from a comment on Raconteur Report.  Some imam arrived in Mali from Guinea and died at a clinic in Mali. There, he infected at least one person, whose infection is now lab confirmed, while other medical staff also appear to be ill and the number of infected will rise, if any honest reporting will occur. As a reminder of what we should expect, the man in a Nigerian hospital infected 20 staff and 8 of them eventually died. For unclear reasons, this second Mali case was never considered to have Ebola and so it is unknown what precautions the clinic staff took while treating him.  Obviously, he was contagious in that clinic and his body remained contagious while it was transported back to Guinea.  It is unlikely that appropriate precautions were taken during this transport. Also, it won't be surprising if others infected by this man will delude themselves and those around them about what they are infected with.

I am glad that Hajj is over for this year, and I am glad about the reported ban for West Africa that seemed to have been in effect for hopeful travelers to Saudi Arabia.  I just hope no one infected with Ebola reached that market of potential new infections, because it would accelerate the global spread and we need time.We need time to develop drugs and we need time to develop vaccines. We need at least a year and I am not so sure that we have it.

Despite a lack of reliable reporting about the spread of Ebola in West Africa, this disease remains a very serious global threat. Serious people should be working on how to contain it, but our leadership in DC is anything but serious.  In what should not surprise anyone whose brain function remains above moronic, our president has spent time at the Asian conference working on climate change agreements, further undermining our economy while chasing some opium pipe dream. In the picture this link leads to, the Chinese leader appears annoyed while Obola is flashing an idiot's smile.

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