Saturday, July 20, 2013

Time for Civil War?

Have you heard enough of stirring of racial tensions by the chief race baiter?   Then, how will you feel about a looming bailout for Detroit since the city voted overwhelmingly for this joker?

Here are 2 articles illuminating the newest unfolding crisis.

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GW said...

Vinny: One, thx for the link. Two, I think that I might support a very limited amount of funding for pensions (up to 30%) IF, and only if, the Bankruptcy Court breaks the union contracts and converts all pensions to Defined Contribution with health savings accounts. There must be no long term claims beyond year to year on the government. All the union work rules need to be wiped from the books and no right to collective bargaining. All of that needs to be the template for our entire government, state, local and federal.