Friday, June 14, 2013

Why is Obama arming Jihadists?

Clinton is supposedly goading Obama to intervene in Syria. Obama recently armed Al Qaeda groups in Libya to topple Qaddafi. He is modernizing Egyptian weapons, and his policies help to radicalize much of the Middle East. What enemy is he preparing to take on???

The answer is Israel.

Israel is a thorn in Obama's side and he wants it destroyed. This is where this second term of an abandoned bastard son of the hate-filled  Ann Dunham is likely to lead.

His whole upbringing was surrounded by antisemitic, anti-american figures. One of them made his mother into a child whore and anyone can find her early porno pictures.  While his mother was prostituted in Hawaii, his parents smoked pot with her abuser. Then, when Obama was still a child, he is likely to have been screwed up the ass by the same individual, referred to as his uncle in the memoirs.

Even if you don't care for Jews and Israel, and Lord knows that many Jews are willfully blind and self destructive, you should care about what happens after the Jews are dealt with. Their role has been that of the canary in the mine, for over a thousand years. The suffering brought to them first, soon follows to the rest.

This is why our "liberal" administration has been upgrading its spy machinery on the average American citizen, while safe guarding the mosques.  They are busy at work to create an environment where it is impossible to criticize either Obama's government or Islam. That should make one wonder, if they are one and the same.

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