Thursday, May 23, 2013

Britain's (Ministry of Defense?, PM-Cameron?) makes Chamberlain look like a warrior.

Updated, because the story changed quite a bit since it was first reported:

Unbelievable. A British soldier is literally butchered with a meat cleaver outside the barracks in London, the animals who did it shout Alah Akbar and parade around the corpse for 20 minutes while passing by public take photos, and some minister of defense announces that other British soldiers should hide their uniforms in public. If he ever had a meeting with Hitler, he would have returned to England wearing a burka.

Initially it was reported that the ban on soldiers wearing uniforms came from the PM, Cameron. Later postings rebutted that claim, indicating it was the Ministry of Defense (MOD).  However, no actual name is used for this shameful declaration.  So who is this nameless official at the MOD that is referenced in numerous news articles, as having banned British soldiers from wearing their uniform in public?  This circus reminds me of Obama's latest outrage.  Is Cameron responsible for governing?

Whoever made this decision, proves himself a coward once again, by hiding behind a cloak. In essence the British Ministry of Defense, as well as many other nameless British officials, have cloaked themselves in burkas. They are nothing more than slaves in some mohamedian harem.

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