Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Turner wins NY District 9 Election.

Landslide victory in Brooklyn: Turner wins 66:33. Queens also presented the GOP candidate with a victory, although not as dramatic one as was seen in the neighboring, more sensible, and more famous NYC borough of Brooklyn. To see complete election results go here.

For those not familiar with the NYC landscape, the borough of Queens has more cemeteries than any other place in NYC, maybe the country. Democrats blamed this loss on the unusually low turnout of dead voters and ACORN promised to redouble their effort to submit phony registrations during the general election of 2012.

I want to thank all fellow New-Yorkers for doing what's right. Especially, I want to thank my parents for getting themselves and their friends out to vote. Finally, we had an election where our votes were not wasted and it feels good.

Good luck Bob Turner and God speed to your delivery of our mutual message to Obama and the other Marxist rats; give them a high middle finger salute from myself and your new constituents.

Update: Looks like a few more zombies arrived late over in Queens, giving Werpin an edge in that awful borough. However, the Brooklyn vote still produced a decisive victory for Turner.

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