Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blame Israel Party.

Many in the muslim world have used words such as illegitimate, inhuman, barbaric,... to describe Israeli interference with the Turkey-Gaza terror cruise. Such words seem appropriate when coming from these countries as they share a long history of barbarism. They are simply repeating their early school lessons that Jews are not human and that Israel has no right to exist.

The fact that Europeans are echoing such denouncements means that a large muslim presence now exists in these European countries. No surprises there.

What happens next?

Turkey will use its Jewish population as hostages to extract various sacrifices from the Jews in Israel and America. These Jews are now hostages. The Jews in Turkey and Venezuela are no longer citizens-they are hostages. Do the Jews in France, England, Italy, and Russia await a similar fate? Is this what awaits Jews in America?
Christians should easily recognize these events.

We definitely have not survived for over 5700 years because of our wit, large numbers, or brute strength. Time to start praying.

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