Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mutual respect in the office.

Here is an interesting story I found on the web about a doctor, her patient, and Obama. Apparently the patient didn't like some of the posters in her doctors office and tore them down. Afterwards she sent a hostile note to her doctor admonishing her for being "disgusting towards those she serves". The doctor told this particular patient to find someone else to serve her. Good for her.

The most inspiring bit of information in this story has to do with the posters. Apparently they have been endorsed by the Florida Medical Association. After the way AMA has sold us out, I lost hope in professional associations. It seems that there exist some clubs that I actually would not mind belonging to.


Rose said...

So far, the good thing I take away here is that the doctors still have a right to voice their opinion.

I'm worried that we may be getting to the point where that right will be taken away.

As one who switched doctors and hospitals after my baby was due - it's not a bad thing, or even an uncommon thing. The only difference here is that divisive political views have split this country in half in such a way we can really understand what it must have been like during the Civil War. It's touching everything. You can't enjoy a movie, go to a concert or go to any public meeting without hearing how "bad" conservatives are. Somehow it is perfectly acceptable for "liberals" to say anything and everything they want, but it is quite shocking for anyone to stand up and object.

This doctor did. And we all have to. The time has come.

Ex-Dissident said...

Rose, as a rule doctors are politically conservative. You will find many admirers among them.