Monday, February 26, 2018

Russian Hockey Players Deliver a Big F.U. to IOC!

They won the gold medal and sang their national anthem.

Triumphant Russian hockey team defies ban, sings national anthem after Olympic win (VIDEO)

Now they are twice heroes, in the eyes of not only their countrymen but everyone who values their own country over globalism.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Banning Russia from Olympics.

I do not consider myself a Russian but, I grew up immersed in its culture. Since my arrival in this country, I have always rooted for Americans.   However, having once lived in the USSR, many in the U.S. think of me as a Russian. For the most part I do not care, because the people that I have significant interactions with, know better.

This year, after witnessing the Olympic committee do everything possible to humiliate Russian athletes, I rooted for them to succeed. My reaction to seeing them forced to remove any relevance to their country from their clothing and their speech, and then watch them comply was visceral. It was like watching cruel prison guards imposing their will on these athletes. If anyone misbehaved, there was a threat of collective punishment later. The carrot used was that perhaps if they showed themselves to be obedient sheep, they may get to show their country's flag during the closing ceremonies.

There is something very wrong about taking a human being who is supposed to represent the ultimate fighters, those who will throw everything in to win, and to watch them cower in fear of punishment from a self righteous German - Thomas Bach.  For many of these athletes, their whole lives were devoted to pursuing their sport, with their greatest possible achievement being able to medal at the Olympics. The IOC threatened to nullify their entire lives and the lives of their teammates, and those brave athletes complied.

To watch that Nazi reprimand them and tell them you better behave yourself was maddening. My reaction was intense.  I am also certain that if my reaction was such, it was shared by almost all who either once lived under USSR banner or who continue to live in modern Russia. It is odd that there was not a single article I could find describing this feeling on the net; not yet sure what to make of it.

This year was the first time that Olympics were used to humiliate a participating nation. The IOC issued their dictates and when court of arbitration ruled against them, they condemned the people on that court and they in turn, retreated. The competition was not fair, when you consider that people excluded were those favored to win medals for Russia, had no record of drug use, and one was someone originally from South Korea.  Viktor Ahn got punished for leaving Korea to pursue his dreams in Russia. People needed to be shown that the affiliation with Russia, would cause you harm. This policy is currently being implemented in the U.S.

Olympics were once used as a means for different groups to compete against one another peacefully and hence decrease the threat of war. This year, such notion was discarded. All year I have heard nothing but Russia did this, and Russia did that. It started with Hillary's loss, and metastasized to every other faltering politician blaming Russians for their inadequacies. Russians needed to be punished and Olympics was the venue chosen, and the punishment was presided over by a German sadist. The only answer to such attempt to humiliate a nation and its people is war. I would love to see the athletes write "На Берлин!" on a large cloth and carry that into the closing ceremony parade.  I think there may be enough people in Europe adequately dissatisfied with the horror Merkel and her groupthink affiliates enforced on the local population, to join that banner in sufficient force.

Then, a sobering thought goes through my mind. I have been manipulated by news media before. What if this is another such manipulation. Do I really want to see Europe and the West erupt in war again?  No, I do not. If this is a game of deception being played on us proles, a cool head is much more needed than a burning heart.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Clinton's Old Tricks

What and amazing web was weaved by the Clintons and their friends.  Apparently an associate of the Clintons - Cody Shearer, who years ago fabricated a smear campaign against Dan Quayle just prior to Bill's election, may be the actual author of the Steele dossier. There were troubling details in the Steele Dossier that questioned its authorship. Grammatical errors which should never have been made by a man who attended Cambridge and wrote for its publication. That article from American Thinker suggested that parts of this dossier were written by Russian spies who had a good grasp of English but still made odd errors that were typical of someone that grew up outside of England. Now, it has emerged that the same Cody Shearer and who has no intelligence background in Russia but ample background in creating political smears, has written similar allegations about Trump that were mentioned in the Steele dossier. Also, it seems that Shearer's work predates the release of Steele's assertions. This interesting piece of the puzzle explains why the FBI is so reluctant to disclose details regarding the author of the infamous dossier. It will be ever more embarrassing for the FBI to reveal that fabrications in the Steele dossier used to obtain the FISA warrant, were the products of a someone who previously ran a smear campaign against another Clinton opponent.  Investigation of that campaign of lies never gained much ground because Clinton won the election back then.

At this point, my theory of events is as follows: Clintons needed to kneecap Trump and turned to their old friend - Cody Shearer. He then created a bizarre narrative of Trump's sexual encounters with Russian hookers. This information was given to Steele for editing and to make it more credible as it would now be coming from a reputable spy. Steele got paid for attaching himself to this false narrative. This explains why a spy would then leak this information to the media so carelessly. There was a need to show that allegations come from a James Bond type character and not some petty crook with a wild imagination from Arkansas. High ranking members of the FBI worked alongside the Clintons and used these allegations to allow the Clintons to spy on their political opponent during the campaign and later to try and reverse the election results. They did not learn much from all the wiretaps and that may explain Strozk's comment: "There is no there, there".  Now the FBI is desperately trying to suppress all these details. If only Clinton had won like in 1992, none of these would have ever come to light. I am sure many of these actors behave as they do because they still have not fully acknowledged the fact that Clinton lost and their carelessness will not be so easy to cover up this time.

The above was clearly put together and explained much better than I could by Daniel Greenfield. Read it for yourself.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Newest Victim Group.


Democrats and liberals to begin campaigning for rights of the ugly in 2018.

[deleted pics of ugly democrats - they were too ugly]

Conservatives better check their attractive privilege at the door!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

The memo that Americans cannot see.

Why the delay? Maybe it is a publicity stunt to make everyone in the world crazy desirous to read it. Maybe this is the center of the battle for America's future.

Latest news report is that Trump did not sign off on this memo and instead sent it back to House Intel committee for further editing. So we may never see the original memo that turned Democrats and swamp creatures into berserkers.

I am so surprised that with all the leaks witnessed over the past decades, there is no leaked memo for all to see. Perhaps it takes more than some news outlet obtaining a copy; it also takes for a willing recipient to publish it.

In sum, I am ready to be disappointing.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Who is John Galt.

Search the web for Jordan Peterson. You will find him.

A better fit, I have not seen.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Of Shithole Countries and Shithole Counties.

I had the privilege to live in various parts of the world. When I was young, I lived in Italy - the part I experienced as an immigrant was definitely a shithole. I recall watching kids climb all over a large garbage dump looking for things, as my train emerged from a tunnel under the Alps and entered Italy. I remember packs of wild dogs roaming the streets of a small town where we waited for our entry visas to the U.S. At one point I got into a fight with some local kids who viewed me as a traitor to communism. If Italy was not such a shithole then, there would not have been so many immigrants from Italy coming to America. The Soviet Union republic I left, was also a shithole. Modern apartment buildings had proper toilets but just outside of my building, there was an outhouse with a - you know what. I bet it is still there. Many of the older private homes had no plumbing and some had to carry water into their homes from a street hydrant.

Living in New York, I can say with confidence that much of Queens county, as well as Kings (Brooklyn), are shitholes. Things were worse before Giuliani, but they still retain their shithole status. Most of Manhattan is nice -  if you can afford to live there.  South Bronx is and will likely forever remain a shithole. Parts of rural US are also shitholes. People there are rightly depressed, on drugs, and unemployable.

I have no problem with people from shitholes outside of U.S., moving to shitholes within the U.S. My only request is that they pay for their own shitholes. In other words, they should not be moving here to make use of our shitholes without paying their way and for the use of facilities. Nor do I want to spend my own money to build proper facilities for them overseas.  If they try to dirty up a proper civilized lavatory, they should be punished enough to deter others from doing the same.

In an ideal world, we would only select those who can come here and build proper sanitary facilities in our underdeveloped regions. We used to do that in past: you had to show that you brought the type of skills this country required and would not become a financial burden on the people here.

To me, that is a proper policy of immigration.